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Step into your Power, Meet your Celestial Guides & Fulfill your Soul's Purpose

with Celestial Shaman Training

The term "Celestial Shaman" has been used in the past but until now, there has been no consistent explanation for what a celestial shaman is or a standardized curriculum for celestial shaman training. Spirit has called Reina  to change that. For the first time ever, those called to be celestial shaman can receive training and certification as a Blue Star Celestial Shaman. 

What is a Celestial Shaman? 

In Inca shamanism, like Reina was trained, the shaman walks between worlds. They are the intermediary between the human and the spiritual realm. The shaman does the work in this spiritual realm, resulting in physical, mental and emotional healing for the client in this realm. Celestial shaman also walk between worlds. In addition to working with star beings and celestial guides in other realms, the Celestial Shaman maintains a personal portal in their energy field and can open portals to allow celestial beings to work here, in this dimension. Most Celestial Shaman are starseeds (on the ascension mission) that channel and have the ability to open and close both their personal portal and portals outside themselves. They are aware and acknowledge their galactic origins and they have discovered some, if not all, of their gifts. All celestial shaman are channelers. They may channel information (like a medium), healing (like Reiki) or information AND healing combined (like light language). Connect with your Celestial Guides to Elevate your Divine Gifts

Part of the ascension process is to heal oneself. A shaman can not heal others until they themselves have  healed. Maybe you've been on the road to self-healing but still find yourself confronted with the same frustrating challenges over and over. You're ready to get over these hurdles and fulfill your soul purpose.  Many starseeds will seek out earthly mentors to develop their gifts, but in reality, they have moved beyond these teachers. Their teachers are in the galactic realms. As such, it's essential for celestial shaman to perfect their channeling skills so they may connect clearly with their off-planet celestial teachers.  Pathway to Peace is designed to teach the celestial shaman how to heal themselves, maximize their divine gifts and connect with their galactic guides so they may fulfill their role as planetary healers. You are NOT alone! You HAVE an entire team of guides waiting to assist you, you just need to meet them!  This training focuses heavily on establishing and building a rock-solid relationship with your celestial team and your on-planet guides. This training will lead you down a path of self-assessment, illuminating and eliminating old patterns and programming that are hindering you from living a peaceful life in alignment with your soul purpose.

Only through healing ourselves can we effectively others heal and only through working together can we heal the planet. Celestial Shamanism Level One teaches you how to heal yourself so you may go on to help heal others (if you choose).

This is an Online Only Course

The Online Training Experience is Available 24/7, Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device. Live Q & A sessions are held once a month. Includes private community inside the course to interact with other students and ask questions.

Pricing options

We want to make this training affordable so we are offering multiple payment options.You can pay a one time payment or in six monthly Payments. If you choose the monthly payment option, your card will be charged on the same day you signed up on every month thereafter. For instance, if you sign up on January 15th, your next payment will be deducted on February 15th.

What's Included

  • 24/7 Access to online learning content covering 68 different topics ($750 value)

  • One, 1-on-1 60-minute online session with Reina ($111 value)

  • Downloadable worksheets to help you process your personal transformation journey. ($50 value)

  • Transformational group alchemy via live monthly group video meetings with Reina & your tribe. ($250 value)

  • Private community for Blue Star Tribe course members.

  • Downloadable MP3 shamanic journeys. ($150 value)


  • Will I be a Certified Celestial Shaman After Taking this Course?

    No. Shamans are not the healers. All healing comes from within an individual. In order to assist others in that healing process, we must first heal ourselves. This involves doing the difficult work of clearing our own trauma. This online course takes you through that process. Once you have mastered that, you may decide to take Celestial Shamanism Level 2, where you WILL receive a certificate awarding you the rank of Celestial Shaman. Level 2 teaches you how to use Celestial Shamanism to assist others in healing.

  • What if I decide this training isn't right for me?

    You can get a full refund within 30 days of signing up. Just email us.

  • What if I only want some of the training, not the full curriculum?

    In the future, we will be offering the different modules for purchase independently. However, the price will be higher than purchasing them as a set included in the full course.